Stellekaya means “Home of the Stars”, and honours a famous renaissance astronomer called Johannes Hevelius, who constructed a large astronomical observatory in Gdansk, called “Stellaeburg“.

We name our wines after star constellations. Each wine’s name matches characteristics of the wine with attributes of a star in the constellation.

The artwork featured on our labels are from a star catalog “Prodromus Astronomiae” created by Johannes and published posthumously by his wife and research aid Elisabeth Hevelius in 1690.

It contains fifty-six large, exquisite, double-page engraved star maps. It is unique among the Grand Atlases in choosing to depict the constellations as they would appear on a globe, that is, from the outside looking in, rather than from a geocentric point of view.


After nearly 20 years under the careful stewardship of owners Jane and Dave Lello, Stellekaya wines have gained international recognition as one of the much-loved boutique reds from the Stellenbosch wine region. Family-owned and run, the brand has built its reputation on three tenets: premium red wines, a passion for engaging what is possible, and giving our winemakers an inspiring platform for expression.

The Lello’s are passionate about people and their empowering management style has famously allowed winemakers to shine, attracting the very best in South Africa.

  • The tale began with the first winemaker, Peet le Roux, who was a pioneer of sourcing and blending; initiating some of the original styles.
  • Next came Ntsiki Biyela, the first black female winemaker in South Africa. Ntsiki managed the cellar for 12 years!
  • Rose XXX joined us in 2018. Rose was a Cape Wine Master protege and has did apprenticeships in France, California and at many top Cape Wineries. She looks forward to taking Stellekaya to new places.

Throughout the years, Dave and Jane have kept a caring hand on the helm, forever ensuring that the style and character of the wines live up to their vision for Stellekaya. Their philosophy has always been Quality First; rather sacrificing volumes than production or processes. Which is why our wines remain of a consistently high quality and never exceed a total production of 40 000 bottles in any one vintage.